Put your student loans to work.

We know it’s hard to save, especially when you’re paying off student loans, so we created an easy way to do both.

get started

It's not magic. It's math.

A refinanced student loan that saves you money, and an account that puts those savings to better use.

a refreshed loan


With fixed rates starting this low (with autopay), you can save hundreds every month.


1 payment

Consolidate private and federal loans into a single, simpler monthly payment.


No hidden fees

No origination fees. No penalties for paying early.

stash your cash

Help your money Flourish

Did you know that the average rate on savings accounts is currently 0.09% APY? We’ve partnered with Flourish Cash to help your savings grow even faster.

Earn more

The Flourish Cash account currently earns up to 0.70% APY on your first $250K. Any additional cash earns from up to 0.55% APY to 0.18% APY (as described in the Flourish Cash rate tier summary) All rates subject to change at any time.**

Anytime access

Unlimited transfers mean you always have access to your money.***


What is refinancing?

When you refinance, we pay off your old student loan, and you get a new rate and monthly payment. You can learn more about the difference between refinancing and consolidation here.

How does refinancing with CommonBond differ from federal loan programs?

The federal government offers income-based repayment and special forgiveness programs for borrowers in public service professions. Graduates with federal loans working in such industries may therefore prefer to keep their federal loans to maintain these extra borrower protections.

Can I pay off my loans before the term is up?

Yes, you can make additional payments towards your loan at any time.

What is Flourish Cash?

A Flourish Cash account is a brokerage account offered by Stone Ridge Securities LLC, a registered broker-dealer and FINRA member. Stone Ridge Securities LLC is not affiliated with CommonBond. Flourish Cash is not a bank account, but the cash in your Flourish Cash account is automatically transferred to one or more third-party banks that have agreed to accept deposits from customers of Stone Ridge Securities LLC (“Program Banks”), who are able to offer a competitive rate. Because Flourish Cash partners with multiple banks, you'll be eligible to receive higher FDIC insurance coverage than any individual bank account, all while receiving a single monthly account statement and one annual tax document.****

How can I access my Flourish Cash account?

On your CommonBond member home page, you can view your Flourish Cash account balance and initiate, change or cancel recurring transfers to your Flourish Cash account from a linked bank account. If you would like initiate withdrawals and other actions, log into your account through Transfers to and from your Flourish Cash account will generally take 1-2 business days to settle.***

Can I adjust the amount I contribute to my Flourish Cash account?

Yes, you can change it at any time with no fees or penalties from CommonBond or Flourish Cash.